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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Remembering Gilbert Blanchette

Gilbert was a powerful human being and an incredible friend. He embodied what the movement is about - strong convictions for social justice, caring for others and empowering people to take action. Gilbert reached out to people everywhere he went. He was a constant community builder. If you met Gilbert, you didn't forget his charm, warmth, openness and passionate manner. He was a mentor to many and was dedicated to supporting women's political leadership.

 Gilbert was an activist long before he joined the Council of Canadians, relentlessly fighting for the rights of handicapped people. Gilbert worked behind the scenes in the London Chapter and was very active with the chapter's trade justice committee. He helped run events like protests, workshops and open mics. Gilbert's warm heart and dedication to the service of others will be remembered.

Gilbert's love and protection of the natural world is an inspiration not just to activists, but to all peoples; he had a deep spiritual connection to all living things. He was abundant in patience, wisdom, discipline and generosity. The London Chapter of the Council of Canadians grieves his passing and celebrates the beautiful and brave life he led. Many blessings to our friend, Gilbert Blanchette.