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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upcoming Events

It is going to be busy season for events and meetings, both for Council events and events that many of our members that are active in. I will provide you with only of the many events that I know of that are coming. I will be quite willing to create many more updates for our members if anyone has an event they would like promoted. The first one starts later today:

September 24th @ 1:00PM Victoria Park Bandshell: London Rally for support of Tarek Loubani and John Greyson. There is a concurring rally happening in Montreal as well. There are also transportation provided for people providing they can get to University Hospital on Perth Drive and or Victoria Hospital, in front of the B Tower on Base Line Rd. E. by 12:30PM. For more details, check on Facebook or do a web search.

September 25th @ 7:00PM Vitali Student Lounge, Kings University College 266 Epworth Ave: A video and a discussion with its director on Why Professors Can't Tell You The Truth About 9/11. Should make for thought provoking insights into the world. Free admission and free parking. For more information contact Ed Corrigan 519 439-4015 

September 27th @ 11:00 AM 148 Fullarton Street: Tell Fortune Minerals: Get Out of the Sacred Headwaters. Fortune Minerals is a London based resource company that is planning to remove a mountain top in B.C. to exploit the coal reserves there. The B.C. Government did not work with the Tahltan Nation, where this mountain resides. Any mining there has the potential of destroying three rivers and the way of life of the Tahltan Nation. This is not how we want London Companies to do business. 148 Fullarton St. is the head office of Fortune Minerals. 

September 28th @ 10:00 AM Queens Park ( Western Fair Grounds behind the Western Fair Market ): The Local Organized Organic Knowledge or L.O.O.K. Fest. An all day event providing you with new knowledge and just plain good feelings. For details, check Facebook or contact Jennifer Chestnut. 

After the L.O.O.K. Fest, a nice drive might be in order for : September 28th @7:00PM Bayfield Town Hall: Our own Maude Barlow will be speaking. The topic will be The Great Lakes will need Great Friends. This is the same topic that Maude spoke about last year in London but I am sure that there will be new material covered including some discussion of her new book Blue Future and she will be signing copies of her other books Blue Covenant and Blue Gold. Admission $25.00. If there is enough interest we might be able to arrange some car pooling. Contact me at 519 872-0008 or to see what we can do. 

October 8th @ 7:00PM General Room Tolpuddle CO-OP 380 Adelaide St. N. ( across from the London Police Station ): The London Chapter of the Council of Canadian's first monthly meeting. This is still very much an open meeting with discussions of past and future events. If any member would like to discuss a certain issue or promote an event from one of their other groups, contact me at 519 872-0008 or to have your information added to the agenda. More information about our AGM in November will be discussed as well. 

November 5th @ 5:00PM Victoria Park: Million Mask March. People from around the world are gathering that day ( Guy Fawkes Day) to remind the world what it has forgotten. That fairness, justice and freedom are more than just words. People are gathering at 5:00PM and a march is happening at 6:00PM. Anonymous masks will be provided for those who attend. This is not a protest because you are not allowed to cover your face anymore in Canada if you are protesting. Search for Million Mask March- London Ontario on Facebook for more information. 

November 15th @ 9:00AM More information to follow. The CoC has been asked to take part in the OPSEU youth day discussing Water is a Human Right. We will be talking for 45mins to a an hour about water issues. I will add more details about this event shortly but I would welcome assistance from some of our more passionate members about water to assist me in preparing our discussion and in having a table for information about water and our initiatives contact me at 519 872-0008 or 

November 25th @ 7:00PM ( Tentative date): The London Chapter's Annual General Meeting. More details to come very soon about this night. Elections for the Chapter's executives will occur that night. Please see our bylaws (next blog post) for more information and duties of each position. 

That is all for now but more information will be coming soon about the future dates. If you have an event that you would like to promote to the Chapter's members, please feel free to contact me. I still want top hear from members on ways that we can improve the Chapter. This is your Chapter. Help me to help all of us in making this a more relevant force across the region. 


Rod Morley, Facilitator

Proposed Amended By-laws for London Chapter to be Voted on at November AGM

Proposed amended bylaws for the London Chapter of the Council of Canadians are now available online. Those who attend our AGM here in London in November will have a chance to vote on them. Amendments are shown in red.

The current bylaws can be found here: