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Monday, December 8, 2014



‘The Big Sellout’ film mirrored locally in health care privatization by stealth 

Monday December 15 at 7 pm. Central Branch, London Public Library, 251 Dundas St. 

In conjunction with the London Public Library (, Cinema Politica London ( presents the documentary film The Big Sellout

“Modern warfare has tried to dehumanize people, to take out the sympathetic element. When you drop bombs from 50,000 feet, you don’t see who they’re landing on, you don’t see the damage. It’s the same thing in economics when you talk about statistics and don’t think about the people that lie behind those statistics.” Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize Winner, former World Bank Chief Economist in The Big Sellout 

The Big Sellout shows us the human faces behind economic policies, how ordinary people can fight the commodification of basic public services. It tells true stories, from Philippines to South Africa, from Bolivia to England, about the human costs of economic policies obsessed with ‘efficiency’ and economic growth. The film raises serious questions about the role of governments in serving corporate interests instead of public benefit. “These stories may seem distant and removed from local circumstances, but all the same key ingredients are present in Ontario,” says Peter Bergamis of the London Health Coalition. “Londoners and other Canadians are victims of the same toxic myth-driven policies of financial elites. Universal public health care is maligned and misrepresented as unsustainable or inefficient. In the name of austerity, our government plans to continue eviscerating hospital services.” 

Just as importantly, The Big Sellout also showcases ordinary people who stand up and demand alternatives to neo-liberal economic policies, a model shown to be as hollow as it is unsustainable. Bergamis argues that we urgently need the same kind of resistance here in Ontario, where the provincial government is already systematically closing down outpatient services such as physiotherapy, labs, pain clinics, fertility clinics and more. “Their written plan is to close all outpatient services. As many surgeries and diagnostic tests as can be stripped from local public hospitals without public scrutiny, are slated to be contracted out to private (for-profit) clinics, “ he continues. “This is a wholesale assault on our values as Canadian citizens and must be resisted or else Medicare will vanish from our social fabric.” 

Join us to learn vital lessons about how we can and must resist the current assault on healthcare and other public services. The Big Sellout screens in the Stevenson-Hunt rooms (opposite Wolf Hall), London Public Library, 251 Dundas St. Doors open at 6:30pm on Monday December 15. This film event is free of charge and accessible. Underground parking (two hours free) can be validated at the Central Library welcome desk. 

Part of a monthly series of screenings by Cinema Politica London in partnership with the London Public Library (see for details). For information about these screenings, please contact or David Heap ( or 519 859 3579). For the London Health Coalition, please contact Jeff Hanks ( or 226 448 3607) or Peter Bergmanis ( or 519-860-4403). 

After introductory remarks, the film will start at 7:00 sharp. Late comers please enter through the door at the back of the room. Everyone is welcome! This is a FREE event offered by Cinema Politica in parternership with the London Public Library. FRAGRANCE FREE EVENT! Please be respectful of attendees who have serious allergies!