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Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Announcements from our Facilitator


I have news for you on four items.

1. The first issue is we have had a change of date for our monthly meeting. Due to conflict we have had to change just this meeting from Tuesday Oct. 8th to Thursday Oct. 10th at the Tolpuddle CO-OP. Start time is still 7:00PM.

I am putting an agenda together and I should have done by tomorrow at the latest. If anyone has any items that they would like to bring forward, please send them to me ASAP.

2. I missed one event from the last blast. Starting Friday November 15th, a film series brought to you by The Seeds of Hope, the Latin American Canadian Solidarity Association, Heart-Links, Mining Watch, The Centre for Social Concern at King's University College and the Council of Canadians: Extracting the Earth: Canada and Beyond.

It is a free film series about how Canadian and American resource companies are conducting themselves not only in Canada but in Latin American countries as well. Discussions follow the movies.

All films are being shown at the Stevenson-Hunt Room at the Central Public Library.

Friday Nov. 15th, 6:00-10:00PM: London premiere of Gold Fever. A movie about mining in Columbia.
Saturday Nov.16th, 5:30-9:00PM: Films about Canadian and American mining in Peru and Mexico
Sunday Nov. 17th: The Hole Story and films about fracking in Canada.

For more details email LACASA at

3. If anyone is interested in participating in this event: October 19th is the day of the Global Frackdown#2. It is a day to join with people around the world to say no to fracking anywhere. Some chapters are getting involved but most of them are being directly affected by fracking. London has not been affected by fracking yet but with fracking occurring around the Great Lakes basin, it will only be a matter of time. Check out : for more details.

4. There has been an interest to try and resurrect the London Environmental Network. It was originally started to try and bring environmental groups together in London and to try and support the actions of other groups and to make sure to try to coordinate events  so there wouldn't be five or six environmental events happening on the same day. With what is happening with Pen-Equity, London Hydro being threatened and other issues around London, there has been a jump of people joining the LEN Facebook site. Perhaps it is time that environmental, social justice groups and political groups to come together. Check out the Facebook site (search for London Environmental Network) and lets get the conversation started.

Rod Morley, Facilitator, London Chapter, Council of Canadians

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