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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OCCUPY UWO: A Symposium (details)

Speakers, Song, Art, Ideas

Live stream:
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OCCUPY UWO: Our Communities Are Not For Sale 2

Local Impacts. Local Outreach. Local Solutions.
Featuring: Mary Lou Smoke, MP Irene Mathyssen, Gina Barber, Dr. Linda Wayne, Occupy London, London Labour Movement,
Justice Folk music by Jill Smith, Erynne Gilpin, Margo Does
Art Intervention by Jeremy Jeresky

Where: Room 105, Labatt Hall, King's College, UWO
When: Thursday, March 1st
Time: 7 pm event followed by reception
Cost: Free

A free & fabulous reception to follow

Sponsored by The Social Justice Peace Club & stopCETA -- a committee of The Council of Canadians -- London Chapter

Occupy UWO is the second in a series of symposiums that aims to open public discussion on CETA – a trade contract that is threatening to put the MUSH sector, Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals up for contract to European corporations. Following the first symposium featuring internationally acclaimed Canadian Maude Barlow, the second will include First Nations leaders Mary Lou and Dan Smoke, MP Irene Mathyssen, former City Councillor Gina Barber, local independent business activist Dr. Linda Wayne, as well as representatives of regional unions and London’s chapter of the global Occupy movement. Sponsored by King’s College Social Justice & Peace Club, participants will be invited to connect the dots between Canada’s turn toward CETA, loss of full-time jobs and benefits, and the Occupy Movement. These are politics that impact the quality of life of students, faculty and other members of Western.

Kept from the press, Canada is in the final stages of negotiating the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with the European Union. More potent than NAFTA, for the first time municipal government will be forced to adhere to trade law and respond to corporate lawsuits. Far beyond a trade agreement, CETA is the impetus for long-term restructuring of Canada through the sale of public infrastructure to foreign corporations. Essential service rates are certain to rise including an estimated two billion dollar per year increase for drug costs out of Canadians’ pockets. If signed, CETA will threaten Canada’s municipal economies, public service jobs, buy local movements, and more. This long-term trade contract will set new policy that will limit London’s economic choices. A growing national movement is responding with thirty-five municipalities and school boards already having passed resolutions to protect them from CETA. A similar resolution will be discussed by the legislature of Manitoba for protection of the whole province.

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