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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Newsletter email from Don McLeod

London Chapter Council of Canadians - February 2012 Newsletter

Hello Folks,

Lots on the go with our London Chapter!

Thank you to our Chapter Chairs, Committees and member support for bringing us lots of activity and information for our Chapter!

Back a year ago our Chapter had a memebrship meeting where we outlined our need for our members to keep informed of important issues. This month we say thank you to our Council of Canadians Staff and supporting volunteers that keep us informed. Thank you! Well done!


Council of Canadians

Information Resources

We are truly blessed as members of the Council of Canadians to have access to daily up to the minute news on important issues that confront all Canadians. I have outlined some of our information resources below.

First, let me take you back to 1985. Our Council of Canadians has many noted Canadians that were the founding Charter members of our organization. Many have written articles for the Council over the past years How many do you recognize?

Some of the members of the C.O.C. are:

Doris Anderson, Margaret Atwood, Maude

Barlow, Pierre Berton, Gerry Caplan,

Stephen Clarkson, Sheila Copps M.P.,

Mayor Marion Dewar, Hon. T.C. Douglas,

Graeme Gibson, Hon. Walter Gordon,

Hon. Herb Gray, Grace Hartman, Mel

Hurtig, Pauline Jewett M.P., Hon. Eric

Kierans, Margaret Laurence, Gordon

Laxer, James Lorimer, Paul Martin Jr.,

Farley Mowat, Peter C. Newman, Anne

Claire Poirier, Heather Robertson,

Lloyd Shaw, David Suzuki, Mel Watkins,

and Robert White.

Taken from our Council of Canadians – Canadian Perspectives Winter 2005

For you to be a member of the Council of Canadians puts you in the wonderful company of many distinguished and proud fellow Canadians!

Now, I would like to introduce you to a few people that provide us with a valued support information network for our London Chapter, and Chapters across Canada:

Regionally we are represented by staff Mark Calzavara, Regional Organizer – Ontario-Quebec-Nunavut who is in the Toronto office with Maryam Adrangi, our Regional Organizing Assistant. Mark & Maryam are our Chapter’s first point of contact with the Council of Canadians.

Roy Brady from the Peterborough Chapter is our Regional Chapter Representative. Roy provides guidance to Chapter’s as our volunteer Rep.

There are a number of campaigners that have Blogs that you can access to have up to date information on Council of Canadians core issues:

Maude Barlow, National Chair:

Brent Patterson, Political Director:

Adrienne Silnicki, Health Care Campaigner:

Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy and Climate Justice Campaigner:

Meera Karunananthan, Water Campaigner:

Emma Lui, Water Campaigner:

Stuart Trew, Trade Campaigner:

Anil Naidoo, Project Organizer – Blue Planet Project:


Sign up for daily Council of Canadians news:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTUBE, Daily emails & Blogs at

Follow Council of Canadians with social media:

Thank you to all the above Council of Canadians staff and volunteers who keep us informed! We appreciate the vital role and service that you provide our London Chapter and Chapters across Canada!

Lets all work together to become the best-informed Canadians!


Yours from the Council

Don McLeod

London Chapter Facilitator

Council of Canadians

Email: Don McLeod <>

(519) 667-4016

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