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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FREE or FAIR? The Trade Justice Movement!

You Are Invited
To a Presentation by

Trade Justice London

The Global Trade Justice Movement: 
Past Successes and Future Possibilities

Jennifer Chesnut, Chair
Trade Justice London
Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians
London Chapter

When:   Monday, February 10, 2014

Where:  Tolpuddle Co-op general room
380 Adelaide between Dundas and King

Time:  6:30 - 9:00 pm
Finger food, coffee, tea

Networking and Action Plans

This is a FRAGRANCE FREE event.

Bus goes down Dundas - questions - need a ride - 519 - 601 - 2053

Background:  Since the late 80's, trade deals have increasingly become the dominant model of inter-country governance. Written behind closed doors, trade justice action is a challenge ripe for those who care about water, poverty, food sovereignty, public services, culture and democracy. Learn about the successes in the trade justice movement from the MAI to the FTAA, and creative strategies past and present for educating and pressuring for fairer trade.

Council of Canadians, London Chapter   -   Agenda
Monday, Feb. 10,  2014 - 6:30 - 9:00 pm 

Tolpuddle Co-op general room (380 Adelaide between Dundas and King)

6:30 - 6:45 coffee, tea, finger food
Bring a plate of something to share if you can

1) BUSINESS - Reports and updates

Treasurer - Masoud Karimi
Trade Justice - Jennifer Chesnut 
Solidarity Film Coalition - Marie France 
Peace and Human Rights - David Heap 
Health - Jeff Hanks
Food Security - Celeste
Report on Birdbone Theatre - Roberta
Walker Landfill Protest every Friday - Roberta
services auction - Celeste 
Hyland film night - Roberta

2) Announcements

Gaza's Ark <>  Supporting Gaza
Paul Ferris, <>  Info on the TPP and actions to take
Oppose the "Fair Elections Art" which is NOT FAIR
"Hold the phone! Call for democracy"  12:30 pm today
Sign our Democracy 24/7 petition<> now, as we will be delivering the petition to Craig Scott, NDP Democratic Reform Critic, on Monday afternoon on Parliament Hill.

As part of the delivery, we're inviting people from Ottawa to join us on Parliament Hill for a mass phone-in to Conservative MPs asking them not to ram this legislation through without further thought and study. People across the country can also participate by phoning an MP from wherever they are. Start time is 12:30 PM. Craig Scott will be arriving to accept the petitions at 1:00 PM.
    Program and action to follow


50 NEXT MEETING - Monday, March 17, 2014 - Tolpuddle - 6:30 to 9:00.

Bus goes down Dundas. Ride pooling - offer a ride or need a ride - 519-601-2053

Meeting Minutes, Jan. 13, 2014
Present: Roberta Cory, Robert Cory, Aldous Smith, David Heap, Jennifer Chesnut, Masoud Karimi, Jeff Hanks, Julie Picken-Cooper, Anne Dyer, Jessie Hanke, Rod Morley, Celeste Lemire, Paula Marcotte, Christine Troughton, Kathy Clee, Phil Butterworth, Bryan Smith, Steve McSwiggan, Suzanne Crellin, Mike Farlowe, Deb Woodhall, Monika Rauche, Bill Smith, Jodi von Wahl, Susan Smith.
a) Reports and updates

  •   Treasurer - Masoud Karimi: updated C of C accounts.
  •   Trade Justice - Jennifer Chesnut
o NAFTA closing factories, creating insecurity for jobs. 500,000 jobs lost since 1994.
o Outlined Our Intercontinental Day of Trade Justice Action, on Feb 1st. 20th anniversary
o Please connect with us if you have a network you can help with. Walk begins at noon; and movie at 2pm.
o Initiative for City Hall motion on CETA. Modelled on Toronto’s request for opt out and vote to Kathylnn Wynne. This will be ongoing through Jan/Feb.
Solidarity Film Coalition - Marie France
o Report by Paula Marcotte: Museum London co-sponsoring. April 5th and 6th. Theme
will be all water.
Peace and Human Rights - David Heap
o Regional People’s Social Forum, Central Library 1-5pm. Working towards peaceful social forum in August cross-Canada
o Prison Justice Film Festival showing around London from January 29th to February 2nd.
  •   Willexplore:connectionsbetw.IndigenousandPalestinianstruggles
  •   Immigration/detention/security certificates (current strike at Lindsay Detention Centre
  •   Effects of Residential Schools on Turtle Island, and connections to prisons
  •   QueerandTrans.prisoners
  •   Warondrugsandusers
  •   PoliticalprisonersinLatinAmerica
  •   Illegal and inhumane treatment of Omar Khadr
  •   TherewillbeaMarchmonthlymeetingaboutGaza’sArk
Health - Jeff Hanks
o Making Waves campaign in Windsor Jeff will update when info. available
o The federal health accord is running out in March. Conservatives have said they will peg spending to 3% of GDP which means about 36 billion in cuts planned. Harper said would keep escalator payments for a few years but has reneged and is refusing to give about 600 million promised.
o Ontario liberals passing legislation to allow LHINs (Local Health Integration Networks) to take cataract surgery and endoscopy out of hospitals and offer it in private clinics. This is seen as a move to privatize services and will lead to closure of rural and community hospitals as more and more services are offered in clinics. Necessary to try to stop them by mobilizing people.
Water Committee
o Roberta: We have no water committee. Need to discuss this and bring a group togther. On breakout, cards from Maude’s visit circulated, to get momentum for inititatives to go with.
Related issues that could be addressed by Water committee: Conservation; The RIGHTS of water, legal protection; Education about water issues - Blue Communities Project; Fracking and aquifers

o o o
Charlie Angus’ book Unlikely Radicals – on the mine dump war.
Penn Kemp’s book in memory of Jack Layton. $25:00, $5 of which goes to C of C Tailings of Warren Peace, $20:00
 
Bee issue and neonicotinoids headed up by Celeste and Margo. They approached city hall for ban on neos, but no go. Work continues apace.
OPAL Presentation: Steve McsSwiggan, Suzanne Crellin , Bryan Smith, gave compelling and informative presentation on the proposed Ingersoll Dump.
o “Located adjacent to Ingersoll, Centreville, and Beachville, the proposed Walker Industries mega-landfill would occupy a section of Carmeuse Lime's quarry operation and is planned to be the 4th largest landfill in Canada” --
o Next protest Beachville Rd and Embro Rd. [See ‘Stop the Dump’ on FB] o See also:
o For similar information, see movie, Trashed, by Jeremy Irons.
Fundraising Initiatives discussed. o Celeste - Services auction
Servicesdonated,fromgardeningtolawyerdonatingawill.LasttimeCeleste was part of Services fund raiser, netted over $6,000.
o David Heap - Hyland film night
David is talking with Ali (Mgr. of Hyland); Roberta will follow up.
Roberta introduced books
Birdbone Theatre, doing Line 9 work. Coming to Woodstock and Feb 2-3 at East Village Coffee House
MEETING - Monday, February 10, 2014 - Tolpuddle - 6:30 to 9:00. 

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