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Thursday, November 28, 2013

London CoC Steering Committee

The following members of the Steering Committee for the London Chapter were elected at our AGM on November 25, 2013:

Roberta Cory, Chapter Chair:
Roberta joined the CoC in 2001 and was active on the Water Committee of the London Chapter. From 2005 to 2010 she was on the Board of the Victoria, BC Chapter as Membership Chair. She was instrumental in restarting the London Chapter in 2010 and has devoted a large portion of her life since then towards Trade Justice, Water, and Mining Justice issues.

Masoud Karimi, Treasurer:
Former bookkeeper and Math teacher.

Aldous Smith, Secretary:
Aldous became a Council of Canadians member in 2012. As well as attending rallies, writing letters and helping create advertising and C of C booths for various events, he has worked as the designated printer and editor for the London chapter. He has two Masters degrees from Western, and he is a published author and literary critic.

David Heap, Media & Communications Chair:
Associate professor (French & Linguistics) at Western and father of two, David has served in the past as Peace & Social Justice chair for the London Chapter of the Council of Canadians. He is also active locally with People for Peace London, and the Latin American Canadian Solidarity Association (LACASA), and nationally / internationally with the Canadian Boat to Gaza / Gaza's Ark campaign (endorsed by the Council of Canadians). He has often acted as media spokesperson for different causes, and has published widely on e.g., among other places.

Geoff Crealock, Membership Chair:
Geoff has served over the past three years as Membership Chair.

Robert Cory (“Rory”), Website/Social Media Admin:
Retired professor at Western. Member since 2001. Webmaster for the Victoria, BC Chapter 2006-2010. Website/Social Media Admin for the London, ON Chapter since 2011.

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