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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


What do the CETA and FIPA (the Canada-China Trade deal) have in common? 
They both will take away the power of people in cities from protecting local natural assets from foreign corporate take over. Foreign corporations will be heavily fining municipal and provincial government (paid for with our taxes) in secret if any environmental, labour or health law is used that slows their anticipated profits. *See the FIPA video below for more info. The CETA and the FIPA are part of the long-term policy plan like we have never heard of before. The recent budgets have been preparing for the new trade landscape just like the budgets of the late 80's and early 90's did with the FTA and NAFTA. The power of using trade deals to make changes is that they cannot be reversed when you elect a new government as they are internationally-binding. * This link is a FIPA video. What else do the CETA and the FIPA have in common? If not critiqued, our federal government will pass these long-term policy plans asap without telling you about the details of them. The FIPA on this Tues. Oct. 30, and the CETA's last round of major negotiations finished today with plans to pass in 2012. There's still time. And the momentum is growing... 
 Blessed be the Canadian who uses their voice to name the long term plan they want for their friends, their coworkers and their family. Thank you to Stuart Tru, Maude Barlow, Paul Moist and many others who have been leading the pack on public education nationally on the CETA. Thank you to Elizabeth May, Thomas Mulcair, Clayton Ruby and others who have been leading nationally on the FIPA. Thanks to Robert and Gary for sending these on. Thank you to all for every action you take, to educate and press for dialogue on the "new generation" trade landscape and the stability of Canada's real economy, and the welfare of our families. Every little act makes a small difference.

Jennifer on behalf of StopCETA Trade Justice -- A coalition of the Council of Canadians, London Chap.

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