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Friday, May 4, 2012

Special May 2012 Newsletter from Don Mcleod

Editorial – Facilitator’s Monthly Topic – May 2012 
CETA! - CETA!! – CETA!!!

On Tuesday May 1, City of London Council will be discussing a full opting out of CETA. Please join us at City Hall 300 Dufferin Street at 4:30pm in Council Chamber Public Gallery Floor 3.

On Monday April 30 & Tuesday May1, Please take the time to email or contact your City of London Councilor and Mayor Joe Fontana.

Of note – I wonder how Councilor Paul Van Meerbergen will address the CETA discussion and vote, as he was the host of the Government’s visit to London on Friday April 27, hosting them at his workplace Lampko Tools. He quite clearly stated that his company was dependant on CETA for improving their access to the European Union, which puts him in a “conflict of interest” on CETA with his role as Ward 10 Councilor!

Reference 1–Council Agenda Item “Reports VIII – 13th Report of Finance Item #9”

          Please note “London Chapter Council of Canadians” in “a” & “b”
          Our hope is that documents in the Council Agenda will include Maude’s letter – Please see attached – Please use this as a reference when you talk to & email the Mayor and Councilors – they all have a copy!

Reference 2: Finance Committee Minutes of April 16, 2012 Item “2 – 9”

Reference 3: To contact Mayor Joe Fontana and City of London Councilors

Reference 4: Trade Justice -

Thank you to our Stop CETA Committee for their diligent work on the CETA issue!

See you at City Hall – 4:30m pm Tuesday May 1!

Don McLeod

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