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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Facilitator's Message for April 2012

Hello folks,

Our year continues to unfold with a radiant plethora of activities, speakers, films and meetings!

One can fill their frequent or all too scheduled spare time with events that are posted in our newsletters, web site and blogs!

Maude will have her 4th visit to London in 8 months on May 30 on her "Great Lakes Tour" at the Aeolian Hall.

Maude loves London, she loves our London Chapter and our hundreds of members and affiliates!

Both Maude and I will love all those that come out to events that much more!

Newsletter content is accumulated throughout each month from our members and Chapter contacts that send me articles and events. I try to get web links so that you can easily access the source documents. Your input and comments are welcome! Postings need to be sent as earliest as possible to get into the next newsletter.

Facilitator's Editorial

Council of Canadians Chapters have a great impact on their local communities when they lobby their City Council, their MP's, MPP's, businesses and citizens.

The following is a basic web link guide for our City of London. These links will provide a basic intro to our Council, how it operates, when they meet, what the committees are and who the "players" are.
Please take an hour to gain basic knowledge then refer back to these links often to learn more about our City of London Council and what is going on in London!

City of London Council
A Guide to Frequently Used Web Links

The City of London Council is formed by the Mayor and 14 Councillors each representing a ward.

City of London Council Meeting Schedule

Standing & Advisory Committees – Who Does What?

Public Participation Meetings

Committees and Task Forces

Meetings – Agendas & Minutes

City of London By-Laws

City of London Zoning By-Laws

See you at our London Chapter events!

Yours from the Council
Don McLeod
London Chapter Facilitator
Council of Canadians

Email:  Don McLeod <>

(519) 667-4016

London Chapter Web:
London Chapter Email:
Chapter Facebook:    
National Web:             
Stop CETA:                 

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