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Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop CETA Action Planning Meeting

Greetings Folks,

This week's meeting is on Wed. Nov. 16th at 7 pm at the East Village Cafe

(785 Dundas St. just west of Aeolian Hall).

We will mainly be working in small groups on a number of actions.

Action One: A Canada Post CETA video

Play a 30 second role in the video teaching how CETA will affect our day to day lives.

For anyone who wants to take part in a video of a cast of many, each person will read a question about CETA demonstrating its daily effect on our lives. Participation involves choosing one of the scripted questions or if you are so inclined, coming up with your own that demonstrates its dangers and saying it on camera. See attached starter script "A Canada Post CETA". We will add two details of first name and title: For example, Sarah: School Teacher or Thomas: Farmer or Rene: Gardener.

Action Two: Make a Date with Your Favourite Canadian: Writing to Canadian Celebrities and People in the Media to let them know about CETA and its far reaching effects on Canadian culture and society.

Action Three: Spreading the Word about our biggest local awareness campaign, Maude Barlow's CETA talk at Wolf Performance Hall on the 1st of Dec.

Action Four: Contacting the CBC. Crafting and sending emails and calls to the CBC.

Action Five: AVAAZ blitz. This super-powered justice provoking, human right violation take-down organization founded by some Ontarions, needs to hear us say how bad CETA will be.

There will be other actions if folks bring an idea they want to do.

If you have one, it may be useful to bring your laptop. The Cafe has wireless.

Hope to see you out Wednesday! If you can;t make the meeting, take one of these actions on your own and let us know. Also, we will continue filming up until the Barlow event at which we will first show the video.


The Protect the Commons from CETA team


Proposed script for video:

"A Canada Post CETA"

Do you want to a mega corporation from Europe in charge of the quality standards of our drinking water?

Do you want our kids to go to school at a place where the agenda is shaped by corporate interests and hiring of some of the staff is done by multinational corporations?

Do you like being able to call up your local contractor to build stuff for you? You get to talk to them, tell them exactly what you want?

Do you want to pay for each hospital visit you or your family has – for a cast, for surgery, for child birth?

Do you want to pay much more for drug costs – up to 2 billion more country wide a year?

Do you think every child should have access to medicine and the hospital when they need it?

Do you want a multinational corporation in charge of Canada’s mail?

Do you want our last strong Canadian news source, the CBC, to be sold in part or whole out from under us?

Do you want the CBC radio to be downsized and the standards of Canadian content lowered putting at risk some of our most important news sources from The Current to Q?

Do you enjoying watching some favourite Canadian TV from the Ricker Mercer report to Dragon’s Den and would you like to see more?

Do you want our farmers to go further into debt and more and more be bought out by growers thousands of kilometres away?

Do you want more of our food industries to close down from breweries to mills?

Do you want more of our companies to close factory and head somewhere else from clothing to cars?

Do you want to the cost of food to rise higher?

Do you want to proliferate our gmo foods around the world further with no labels and no long-term testing?

Do you want corporations to be able to sew our municipalities for enacting bylaws to protect us and our environment?

Do you want the Tar Sands further entrenched?

Do you want city services such as waste water and garbage disposal to be owned and controlled not by government but by non-Canadian corporations?

Does all this sound like madness?

If you said yes to any of these things, CETA matters to you. All of these are possibilities when the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement is enacted. It was called Comprehensive by Stephen Harper for a reason. It is the most far-reaching document ever written to shape the way our country works besides the constitution. Stephen Harper wants to close the deal as early in 2012 as he can.

Get informed at and . Tell everyone you think should know. Have your city council pass a resolution to exempt your municipality from CETA as many have done.

Brought to you by a collective of concerned Canadians at in cahoots with the Council of Canadians.

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