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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Support an AVAAZ Action vs. CETA!

From Jennifer Chesnut:

Dr. Linda Wayne, proprietor of East Village cafe, has taken this very smart action and is encouraging us to follow suit in many as number as we can. I have just requested an AVAAZ campaign to stop CETA as noted below. If a number of us request this, they may do it and they will have a much greater reach than we can hope to achieve since they can reach Europe as well, said by Linda. It is the perfect action in light of what Maude was sharing for getting the word out to Europe about GMO threat to them through CETA and other media buzz. Many of you probably know AVAAZ, but let me be clear here, they get things done and they are a huge global network of intelligent activists. I just read that they have a lot of Ontario members as well.

They do activism online, they send out information to their very wide global distribution list (nearly 10 million members strong) and have been known to generate a million signatures in days! They have helped take down so many violations of human rights.

Here is the website "about us" section:

And here is where we can request a new campaign: (I will be sending in my request this weekend).

Lets splash them with requests and when other people ask, what can i do, here is one fast online thing to do. Just requires a bit of typing.

Here is her note to them:

CETA or the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement may be signed in by the so-called Harper Government as early as October 17. Many of our MPs and official opposition have not even heard of it, yet it threatens to change the infrastructure of Canada forever. Basically, it puts a "for sale" sign on most of our basic services and resources, curtails our right to local trade, and strikes down existing labour, environmental, industrial, cultural, financial and public sector regulations. Our food sovereignty and farms will be threatened, as will the limited sovereignty of Native Peoples and our Quebecois population. We will lose our right to our own water as well as our ability to recourse for harms done to Canadian citizens by foreign owners.

CETA makes NAFTA look like a friendly and beneficial agreement yet it did so much damage to the lives of Canadians that Mulroony's Conservative Party was not only voted out, but effectively removed from the political map. As well, European's oppose CETA because it supersedes national & municipal laws hence making democratic political processes obsolete, as it will do in Canada.

Please consider a campaign to reverse or at least call for informed public debate on CETA. Without your help I am afraid that the damage to our democratic system will be historical and irreversible.

Yours, Dr. Linda Wayne, PhD

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