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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ontario Health Coalition calls for your participation! <>

This is your chance to help define the key health care issues this election

Every election health care polls as one of Ontarians' top priorities. So every political party pays lip service to health care. They all say they will fund it and improve it.

Unless we make it happen, the real issues in health care don't get much real debate.

For all of us who want to ensure that care is there, in our local communities, when we need it -- please help make your key issues in health care ones for which politicians have to make clear commitments leading into the provincial election in October. Take the Ontario Health Care Challenge!

More than 500 people have given their input over the last few weeks. This is a great start, but to make this a truly democratic and effective process we need to build this number to thousands!

It takes less than a minute. This is how we can make it happen, and this is how we can win!

Please go to <>
Type in your key health care issues.

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