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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Greenpeace shuts down Darlington nuclear hearing

Just received from Greenpeace:

"Happening now: Greenpeace shuts down Darlington nuclear hearing

Greenpeace activists have shut down hearings for new nuclear reactors in Ontario by locking themselves down in front of the panel at the centre of the hearing.
Watch live streaming video from inside the hearings.
The four activists have locked themselves in front of the panel to prevent the hearing from continuin with a banner that reads "No nukes are safe - Stop Darlington". Other volunteers have taped over their mouths, symbolically bearing witness to a flawed hearing process that fails to allow discussion of important issues such as catastrophic events and clean energy alternatives.
The government of Ontario is moving full speed ahead to build new nuclear reactors at Darlington, just outside of Toronto, even while a nuclear disaster continues to unfold in Japan.
Last week and again yesterday, Greenpeace and other groups called for the hearings to be suspended until more is known about safety concerns highlighted by the events in Japan, but this call has been ignored.
Take action with us: Email Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Opposition leader Tim Hudak demanding Ontario choose safe and clean energy alternatives."

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