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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don McLeod's Letter to City Council re Bottled Water

Thursday February 24, 2011

Dear Mayor Joe Fontana and London City Councilors:

We have an opportunity for London to show continued leadership on an extremely important environmental issue: Please “Say No to Bottled Water”.

In 2008 City Council voted overwhelmingly to ban the sale of bottled water in City facilities and parks. Through long and detailed discussions London Citizens, Councilors and City staff worked hard to accomplish the leadership decision to ban the sale of bottled water in City Facilities and City Parks such as Victoria Park.

As a concerned citizen of London and the London Chapter Representative for the Council of Canadians we urge you to uphold the process that resulted in the City of London showing leadership by banning the sale of bottled water.

The London Chapter of the Council of Canadians has 1200 registered members in London, Ontario and another 500 London Citizens on our affiliate mailing list.

The following are key supporting reasons to maintain and enforce no bottled water to be sold in City facilities and parks:

• The ban on the sale of bottled water is in place and should be enforced.
• Hundreds of hours by London Citizens, City Councilors and City Staff resulted in the ban on the sale of bottled water in 2008.
• Nestle drains 3.6 million litres per day from the Guelph aquifer resulting in a reversal of ground water into Mill Creek.
• Our environment is negatively affected by the use of fossil fuel consumed in the manufacture of plastic water bottles and subsequently for the transportation of water bottles to distant markets.
• Tap water is readily available to every London Citizen.
• Reusable water bottles help provide an environmental solution for porting water for people’s use.
• Our land fills have a tremendous burden on them – banning the sale of plastic water bottles helps to reduce waste sent to our landfills which reduces the cost of our City of London waste management $$$!
• Municipal tap water is safe as it is tested continuously.
• Water is a human right – by not commercializing the sale of water we are maintaining peoples right to water regardless of their ability to pay.
• Ontario Municipal Water Association supports the ban.
• Federation of Canadian Municipalities supports the ban
• Association of Ontario Municipalities supports the ban on the sale of bottled water.

Let’s work together with our fellow Ontario and Canadian Municipalities!

Our organization will work closely with the City of London to promote water issues that are environmentally responsible.

Thank you for your support of the current ban on the sale of bottled water.

Yours sincerely,

Don McLeod
London Chapter
Council of Canadians

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